The Wonder by Faye Hanson

Published by Templar (ISBN: 798-1783701148)

This is the story of a little boy whose head is full of wonder. His journey to school gives him much to think about, but others don’t appreciate his day dreams until he reaches his art class…

Pictures and text work together beautifully in this story to show the importance of day dreaming and imagination. Sepia tones illustrate the day to day whilst bright flashes of colour snatch the readers’ attention, drawing them into the world of the child’s mind, offering answers to his questions.

Most adults want him to curb his day dreams and focus on the here and now, but his art teacher encourages him to let them fly and develop his talent to its full potential. The pictures he creates are vivid and vibrant, brimming with detail and crying out to be lingered over and enjoyed. 

This beautiful book will provoke endless discussions about day dreaming. Children will be inspired by the boy’s release to explore their own imaginative ideas, encouraging not just those who are naturally artistic, but also those who are less confident in this area. These imaginings can be presented in a number of ways- art, poetry, writing- even mathematical problems! 

Perhaps we should all wonder a little bit more!