A Whisper of Wolves by Kris Humphreys

Published by Stripes Publishing (ISBN: 978-1847155962)

The first of a new series, A Whisper of Wolves introduces us to Meridina where whisperers- Guardians of the Wild with their animal companions- defend the Kingdom. After many years of peace, trouble in the shape of the evil Narlaw is rising and Alice, with her wolf companion, Storm, fights to save her village whilst at the court, Dawn, must protect the princess from the same threat. 

The story focuses on Alice and Dawn in turn, allowing the reader to see the threat of the Narlaw from the perspective of the countryside and the court. Both are whisperers; both are slightly shunned and misunderstood by those around them; both rise bravely to the challenges that face them. 

The book presents many opportunities for writing in role or from differing viewpoints. It would be interesting to consider the characters’ thoughts and feelings as the story progresses. Extra sections of story could be developed and additional characters and their companions created. 

Themes of trust, loyalty and doing the ‘right thing’ could also be explored. The book offers fantasy, mystery, adventure… and an enjoyable read!