Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor by Jon Scieszka & Brian Biggs

Published by Amulet Books (ISBN: 9781419712180)

Frank Einstein is a boy genius who has created two robots, Klink and Klank. When his design for a science project is stolen by his rival, T Edison and his side kick, Mr Chimp, Frank needs to rescue his robots and stop his enemy carrying out his evil plans. 

The first in a funny series designed to make science appealing, this book is fast moving, full of wacky humour and wild ideas. It is a great way of engaging children who are not keen on science and feeding the love of those who are! There is a lot to be learned throughout the story- in various subjects!

Illustrations form a large part of this book, adding both humour and character. Mr Chimp’s sign language is a key part of this and fits into the story cleverly. The limited use of colour is very effective and this changes for each book in the series. 

This could be used as a springboard for children creating their own inventions- labelling their diagrams/ creating cross sectional drawings. They could research famous inventions and those who created them. They can also look at the fact that many inventions/ discoveries have been almost accidental or the result of many attempts and lots of staying power.

A very enjoyable way of promoting science, this could easily be enjoyed as a class story!