Ottoline and the Yellow Cat by Chris Riddell

Published by Macmillan Children’s Books (ISBN: 978-0330450287)

Ottoline is an independent young girl who lives on the 24th floor of Pepperpot Buildings, which she shares with her best friend Mr Munroe, who originates from a cold, wet bog in Norway.

Ottoline’s parents travel the world collecting interesting things, leaving her at home in charge of the collection of artefacts. However, Ottoline is not entirely alone as she has the companionship of her hairy friend and a host of people from various companies dropping into the apartment ensuring she is well catered for- the pillow plumping service, the clothes folding company and the ‘Happy Nest’ bed makers. Ottoline’s parents regularly send her postcards from interesting places and somehow always manage to offer her timely reminders.

Ottoline, in expert disguises, enjoys the challenge of solving tricky problems and devising clever plans together with her friend Mr Munroe. In this story Ottoline and Mr Munroe set out to solve a series of burglaries linked with the disappearance of the town’s lap dogs.

This award winning book, with its wonderful illustrations, is full of subtle humour and gentle intrigue. The format of the book is visually stimulating and inviting. Whilst this is a book recommended for children aged 8-11 years, it can be shared and enjoyed by all ages.