Is There A Dog in this Book? by Viviane Schwarz

Published by Walker  (ISBN: 978-1406345612)

This book sees the return of those three fabulous felines who appear in There are Cats in this Book and There are No Cats in this Book. In this story, the cats smell something odd and spend their time trying to hide from the dog who has found its way onto their book.

The beauty of these books is how interactive they are, with flaps and tabs that develop the ‘action’ page by page. Each cat has a well-defined personality and the illustrations work perfectly with the simple text. Children can follow, and join in with, the cats as they realise that the dog is not something to be scared of after all. 

Children would definitely be inspired to create their own stories based around these cats or animals of their own creation. They could be encouraged to develop the interactivity of these along the lines of the original or using wheels, pop ups, etc. These could be designed for younger siblings/children and then shared. 

The story contains a clear message about how we shouldn’t jump to conclusions or make assumptions about others. Two of the cats have decided that they do not like dogs and that they need to hide; the third is more open-minded! There is the opportunity for much discussion building on the story.

Great fun!