An Interview with Sophie Henn Author of Pom Pom Gets the Grumps

1) Do you have a cat?

I LOVE cats. And though I don't have one at the moment, when I was little we had lots of cats, at one time we had six ...Serena, Tabitha, Michelle, Alex, Thumper and Mr Imp!!! 

We also had a big, ginger tom called Rolo, who was very special. He came with that name as we adopted him from Cats Protection. He was bigger than our dogs, but a soft, cuddly teddy bear (he earned the nick name Ted, which I think suited him better than Rolo). He didn't like to go downstairs so we had to build him a bridge from the kitchen roof over to the fence, once he got onto the fence he could escape into various neighbours gardens. Sometimes he would lie on his bridge, flicking his tail and look down at our dog (Buster) who would go bonkers, it was very funny! Every night he would sleep on my bed and I would wake up in all kinds of awkward shapes so as not to disturb him! 


2) How many books have you written?

I have probably written about seven books, but only four of them have been made into books. Where Bear? was my first book, Pom Pom gets the Grumps my second and Pom Pom the Champion will be my third when it is published in September. 

I have a quite different book coming out in February of next year. It has human beings in it and not bears! Though if you look really hard you will spot a Pom Pom in there! I like to put a character from my last book into my next book, tucked away so you have to hunt for it! The bear from Where Bear? is in all the Pom Pom books! See if you can spot him! 

Right now I am halfway through the third Pom Pom book. I can't tell you too much about it other than Pom Pom and all his friends get to wear rather fantastic costumes!!!!


3) Why is Pom Pom a panda?

I knew I wanted to write a story about someone who was going to be quite cross which got me thinking about the type of animals least likely to be cross and Pandas came to mind. I have watched the You Tube clip of 'Pandas on a Slide' many times and they seem very laid back, so it made me giggle to think of a really angry little Panda stomping around. 

And they are nice to draw.


4) What is your favourite type of cake?

That is a great question. I LOVE cake! MY two favourites are Lemon Polenta Cake and gloopy Chocolate Brownies. I don't get to bake as often as I would like to but I do make my daughters birthday cakes every year. I have made Snoopys on Kennels, Royal Crowns with jewels on, giant teddy bear faces, purple glittery paw prints and last year her cake was completely covered in hundreds and thousands, there were probably millions of them!


Interview questions from Jessica aged 4