Little Bell and the Moon by Giles Paley-Phillips

Published by Fat Fox Books (ISBN: 978-0992872861)

Little Bell loves the Moon and the Moon loves Little Bell. Every night, they have adventures together, but Little Bell grows old. After one last flight, something very magical happens…

Told in rhyme, this book tells the story of the relationship between Little Bell and the Moon. The Moon takes her on wonderful journeys to magical places around the world. Unlike the Moon, Little Bell gets older and the story leads to her death. As darkness comes across the Moon, Bell’s soul rises into the sky where she becomes a star.

The story of Little Bell and the Moon tackles a poignant subject and, combined with the beautiful illustrations, it addresses issues difficult for children to understand- those of dying and loss. Many will feel the message of the story positive and comforting and will use it to invite further discussion of this delicate subject.

The closing of the book sees the moon smiling sweetly as the darkness lifts reminding the reader that after a period of grieving, we can reconnect with lighter memories of loved ones that bring us hope.

This is a thought provoking book that speaks of a subject that should be handled sensitively particularly when being shared with a class of younger aged children.