I am Cat by Jackie Morris

Published by Frances Lincoln (ISBN: 978-1847805232)

Cat prowls at night, but during the day, it sleeps, curled ‘ammonite tight’ and dreams…

The dreams of the domestic cat take it into the world of big cats. Jackie Morris’s watercolours fill the pages, giving us a glimpse into the lives of these amazing, beautiful and, in some cases, rare animals. Any (or all) of these pictures could be used as the starting point for work on using watercolours in art- or for research into the different types of big cat.

However, for me, it is the joy of the language chosen alongside these images that makes this book such a pleasure. There are so many phrases to question and discuss with children- …almost a memory, …tumble in kitten play,… dark spirit of the forest,…shrouded in mystery. Jackie Morris’s language choices are so evocative, so cat-like, so purrfect that the book is a pleasure to read. 

I am Cat could easily be used to inspire writing- poetry, reports about different types of big –or small- cat, writing to persuade people to look after these animals, discussions about conservation, creative writing about the dreams of other animals… so many possibilities. Science work about adaptation, habitats, life cycles and food chains could also develop from this starting point.

Although my favourite Jackie Morris book remains Tell Me A Dragon, this is a close second!