Oi Frog by Kes Gray and Jim Field

Published by Hodder Children’s Books (ISBN 9781444910865)

Hilarious from start to finish, this book is a conversation between a know-it-all Cat and a Frog who can’t help asking ‘why?. When bossy Cat demands that poor frog sit on his log despite the fact that he finds it very nobly and uncomfortable and his splinter filled bottom just too much to bear, he questions her regarding the rhyming conventions of animals and their seating positions. Cat educates Frog on the way things must be - ‘Cats sit on mats, hares on chairs, mules on stools, gophers on sofas and frogs on logs!’

Jim Fields’s illustrations bring Kes Gray’s words to life and add to the light and funny feel of this story. His website shows the evolution of his art work, which would be wonderful to share with a class of children to spark their own creativity.

As well as sharing as a means of sparking creativity, this book also begs to be used alongside a rhyming dictionary to create new rhymes - if frog doesn’t want to sit on his log what else could he sit on, or in? Maybe a bog?  Or a cloud of fog? I also think that the relationship between Cat and Frog needs some investigating - should Frog listen to Cat? Why is she so bossy? The book could then be used to prompt a more serious discussion regarding rules in society, why they are there and should they be broken.

A wonderful, laugh-out-loud, funny book that begs to be shared. All inspired by one of the first sentences we learn to read and decode - ‘the cat sat on the mat’!