Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty

Published by Abrams (ISBN: 978-1419708459)

Telling the story of a young girl who dreams of becoming an engineer, this book is full of colourful, lively and humorous illustrations. 

Written in rhyme, we learn how Rosie started life by proudly creating and sharing her inventions with others, until her favourite uncle- Zookeeper Fred- laughed at something she made for him. From that moment on, she hid her creations, afraid others would mock her as well. Eventually, she is tempted to share an idea to help her great-great-great aunt fly…

A fantastic read aloud, this story has much more to recommend it to a class teacher. The story is an excellent way into discussions about persevering, learning from mistakes and not being daunted by the opinions of others. The role of female engineers- both past and present- could also be discussed. There is a lovely double paged spread that could be used as a starting point for research as it gives a timeline of female achievements in aviation. 

The links to maths and DT are also there to be explored. Inspired by Rosie- or simply by their own imaginations- it would be amazing to see what children might come up with. There are lots of ideas and suggestions to explore on Andrea Beaty’s website and and area online dedicated to Rosie.

A book with many possibilities, Rosie should be a member of JAB. After all, she believes:

"The only true failure can come if you forget the cupcakes!"
--Rosie Revere

A girl after our own hearts!