Missing Mummy: A Book about Bereavement by Rebecca Cobb

Published by MacMIllan (ISBN: 978-0230749511)

Written from the child’s point of view, this is a moving book about losing a parent.

This is such a beautifully written, touching book. It reminds us how careful we need to be when explaining and discussing this sensitive issue with children. Seeing the events through the child’ eyes must help adults to consider that viewpoint and perhaps help them to understand themselves. The illustrations are the perfect accompaniment to the text; they are simple and child-friendly, yet very moving.

Although it explores feelings of grief so thoughtfully, Missing Mummy is a book about celebrating the life of the person who has died. The family are shown very much as still a family- withoutthe physical presence of their mother- but memories of her are with them at all times and they keep her alive in that way. There are gentle touches of humour that make the reader smile- through tears admittedly!

Books like this are essential when dealing with bereavement. Knowing their class/ pupils, teachers will be able to make decisions about how and when to use this beautiful, sensitive book. 

Be prepared to cry – this is one of the most touching books dealing with this subject I have ever read- but also be prepared to feel the joy of celebrating the life of a loved one.