Topping & Company Bath

Stepping into 'Topping and Company' is like stepping back in time. Floor to ceiling bookcases burst with an excellent and exciting range of books! 

Yesterday, three members of JAB went to Bath on a book buying/ investigating mission, looking for possible titles for our 2016 NSTBA's long list. We had the best time- and one of the highlights of the day was our visit to Topping's!

We started spotting books of interest before we had even opened the door!

Once inside, we made our way (slowly!) through this tempting Tardis of delights to the children's section!

Crammed full of choice and quality, we almost didn't know where to start. Such treasures on every shelf! One of the (many!) beauties of this shop is the range which they stock. Single copies of most titles mean they have the room to offer a great selection which extends far beyond that which we found in other places. Although this meant that Torie and I nearly came to blows over 'Jacket' by Kirsten Hall and Dasha Tolstikova and 'My Pet Book' by Bob Staake, harmony was quickly restored by the incredibly helpful staff who ordered extra copies!


Offered tea or coffee whilst browsing, I took a short break from looking at the books to do some people watching! One lady was telling staff how she couldn't shop in any other bookshop- no where else was as good! A little girl and her mother were sitting on chairs in the children's section, sharing story after story whilst her father was browsing the shelves nearby. Their appreciation of the shop and its calm atmosphere were obvious!

Having spent lots of money, we left the shop loaded with bags full of pleasure! However, we will be returning soon.

'Topping and Company Booksellers' is a real delight. It is a place to go to spend time, to browse, to enjoy, to absorb the atmosphere... A must for any book lover- make sure it goes on your list of places to visit in 2016!