Underwater adventures...

If you're looking for books for your underwater adventurers, then we have three very different, yet equally loveable ones,  that they will simply adore - Jim Curious: A Voyage to the Heart of the Sea, Wigglesbottom Primary: The Shark in the Pool and Mini Ladybird Mad about Sharks.

Jim Curious : A Voyage to the Heart of the Sea

Illustrated by Mattias Pichard

Published by Abrams Books

ISBN : 9781419710438

This is a stunning 3D adventure book, which feels as though you really are stepping into the depths of the Sea. The story follows deep sea diver Jim, as he traverses the wonders of the ocean through magical coral reefs, sunken galleons and ancient underwater cities. The interactive 3D illustrations make the oceanic encounters jump off of the page and allow you to feel as though you are sharing Jim’s adventure with him. With two pairs of 3D glasses included with each book, it’s great to share this story with a friend. This is a book which will spark discussions about ecology, the threat to the world's oceans and our appreciation and preservation of our beautiful seas. A must for any classroom library.

Wigglesbottom Primary: The Shark in the Pool

Written by Pamela Batchart

Illustrated by Becka Moor

Published by Nosy Crow

ISBN: 9780857634818

This is the second book in the popular Wigglesbottom Primary book series. Featuring more fun adventures from class 2F - the swimming lesson when Joel Jack announced he’d been bitten by a shark in the pool,  the morning Gavin Ross found a dinosaur bone in the school playground and the day Jayden King disappeared from underneath a parachute in gym class-this book is sure to have you giggling along with the typical exaggerations of primary school aged children as they seek to understand the world around them. Becka Moor’s simple and quirky illustrations are a perfect match with Pamela Butchart’s drama filled story telling and antics. A fun book for readers aged 5-8.

Read an excerpt here.

Mad About Sharks

Written by Deborah Murrell

Iluustrated by Sue Hendra

Published by Ladybird

ISBN: 9781846467981

Which of us hasn’t been a massive fan of Ladybird books since childhood? Whether it's the size, the quality of the illustrations and content or the nostalgia of such a beloved brand, we all adore ladybird books. It’s great to see their sudden rise in popularity again. 'Mad about Sharks' is a perfect young enthusiast's guide to the underwater world of sharks. A fact file of information, beautifully illustrated and small enough to fit in your pocket. From baby sharks to ancient ancestors, this fascinating mini Ladybird book is sure to be treasured as an accessible, independent read by children aged 5 - 7 years. Some information books can appear overwhelming to the young reader, but this book gets the balance just right. Also in the series - ‘Mad about Bugs’ and ‘Mad about Dinosaurs’.