Brilliant Book group!

What a great meeting last night! 

Eren by Simon P.Clark

Atom  ISBN:  978-1472110985

This caused much discussion and debate! Due to the dark nature of the story, group members felt it was more suited to older children with whom it would offer great potential for discussion. The themes of lies and truth, the role of stories, mental health issues were all raised by the book.

We definitely felt that this was a thought-provoking and challenging book - well worth reading!


Valentine Joe by Rebecca Stevens

Chicken House   ISBN: 978-1909489608

A completely different book, 'Valentine Joe' is a very moving, poignant story. We all really liked this book and felt it had real potential for use in UKS2 classes. The time slip element is really well handled and the story offers opportunities for using historical documents about Valentine Joe Strudwick. His story is one which children are fascinated by as he was not much older than they are when he went to fight. 

Beautifully written, this book is one which many of us will be using!


Welcome to our new member, Kate- it was lovely to have you join us. 

For the next meeting, we will be reading:

'Island' by Nicky Singer (illustrated by Chris Riddell), Caboodle Books ISBN: 978-0992938963 


'Meet at the Ark at Eight!' by Ulrich Hub (illustrated by Jorg Muhle), Pushkin Children's Books ISBN: 978-1782690870.