Holocaust Memorial Day 2016

'Don't Stand By' is the theme for HMD 2016.

The Holocaust and subsequent genocides took place because the local populations allowed insidious persecution to take root....


The Harmonica By Tony Johnston, Illustrated by Ron Mazellan

Charlesbridge  ISBN: 978-1570914898

'The Harmonica', written by Tony Johnston and illustrated by Ron Mazellan, tells of a family torn apart when the Nazis invade Poland. Separated from his parents, the young boy managed to take his father's harmonica with him when he is sent to a concentration camp. 

Based on the story of a Holocaust survivor, this is a such a poignant  book which offers huge potential for discussion. The illustrations are amazing and the text sparse, but powerful. 

The book ends with a short biography of Henryk Rosmaryn whose story the book is based on. 


Rose Blanche written by Roberto Innocenti and illustrated by Ian McEwan

Red Fox  ISBN: 978-0099439509

Rose observes all the changes taking place around her. When she sees a little boy who has  escaped from soldiers being handed back to them by the Mayor, she follows their truck as it continues out of town to a place hidden in the forest.

So we come to see the concentration camp through Rose's eyes and follow her to the story's conclusion. 

An amazingly powerful, thought provoking book!