Subscribe to the North Somerset Teachers' Book Award Website

Teachers all over North Somerset are subscribing to the North Somerset Teachers’ Book Award Website. Numbers are growing steadily each week and we have tiny celebrations whenever just one new person subscribes. 

For us it means that one more teacher is getting to know about the fabulous books we have to share, one more teacher is reading our reviews and we hope that just one more teacher will be inspired to enrich the literary experiences the children are having within the classroom

Whilst we are the ‘North Somerset’ Teachers’ Book Award', we are also excited to see that our influence is reaching further afield, not just across the county, but across the country, even across the pond to the United States!

We still have the desire to reach teachers, educators and school librarians closer to home. One of our members will be filling an apple crate this week with apples for her teachers and the winning books from last year’s book awards to encourage people to subscribe to the website. She’s hoping that ‘an apple for the teacher’ will do the trick and help more teachers to feel the influence of the wonderful work being done by the North Somerset Teachers’ Book Award.