What rhymes with 'bear'?

What an amazing session! With his dry sense of humour and patience with little ones, Ross Collins entertained both the children and adults in the audience!

We learned that Ross has always loved drawing - he even draws whilst on the toilet! Having illustrated 119 books for other people, he decided to do a book about something he had always wanted to draw- a chair! No- a bear!

Loving books about bears like Winnie the Pooh, Paddington and Fozzie when he was little, Ross decided to create one of his own. He started with the word 'bear' and thought of all the rhymes for it that he could, making a list in his notebook.

At first, he created a little boy called Dave to be annoyed by the bear's possession of the chair, but Ross wanted the book to be funny so he decided on a mouse- a little animal to face the big bear! The mouse had to be cute so the reader would be on its side as the bear pushed it to its limit!

Finally, Ross decided the bear had to be white to 'zing' off the page against the strong coloured backgrounds. The result is a wonderful story, full of character and fun!

'There's A Bear on My Chair' is a fabulous story, appealing to adults and children alike with humour bursting through the text and illustrations. We have reviewed this one before- and can't recommend it highly enough!

There's a Bear on My Chair by Ross Collins

Nosy CrowISBN: 978-0857633934