Shh! We've got a great book to share!

One of my favourite picture books is Shh! We have a Plan by Chris Haughton. I have shared this wonderful book with children from Reception to Year 6 and every year group has absolutely loved it, joining in with repeated phrases and loving the illustrations.

The story of four friends who plan to catch a bird and repeatedly fail, the humour is simple, but so effective. The little friend is everyone's favourite!

Last year's Y6 made some great animations based on the story, loving every minute and getting so much from the experience. If you don't know this book, you MUST get a copy- it's an complete winner!

Chris's other books- On No, George, A Bit Lost, Hat Monkey and Goodnight Everyone - are also great stories. His illustrations are bold and appealing, full of character, yet uncluttered. Any of these makes a great story time read- and could form the basis for much work across the curriculum.

You can find out more on Chris's website: