O frabjous day! Saturday at the Cheltenham festival.

Having just spent many hours at this wonderful festival, Torie and I are completely exhausted! But - what a day!

We got to Cheltenham bright and early so decided to have a bit of breakfast at a local cafe- and what a choice! It was a bit early for cake... who am I kidding? It's NEVER too early for cake!

Properly fortified, we set off for an action-packed day! First, we saw the absolutely wonderful, Sophy Henn. Her latest Pom Pom book- Pom Pom is Super-  might just be my favourite. Pom Pom is such a brilliant character- one which children can really relate to! 

The Marsh Road Mysteries is an excellent series of books about a group of great friends who solve mysteries. There are now four titles - full of fun, friendship and family! Elen Caldecot was signing at the festival today and I now have all four books!

Next, we met the amazing Babette Cole- a real heroine of mine! Her art work and stories are so wonderful. Princess Smartypants is a great favourite- a must-have for school!

Tom McLaughlin and Pip Jones signed books for us too. The Sheep Won't Sleep and The Cloudspotter were both long listed for this year's awards so it was great to get them signed! I recently gave my niece the Squishy McFluff books which she is enjoying!

Next we went to meet up with Emily and her son who had been at a workshop with two more of our award authors/ illustrators, Swapna Haddow and Sheena Dempsey. It was such a joy to meet them both! They were so lovely that we could have chatted for hours- particularly about Roald Dahl! We look forward to seeing them again at the NSTBA award ceremony in November.

I make no secret of my love for Marcus Sedgwick's writing! Each of his books is special and original, deserving to be read time and again. I am saving his new book-Saint Death- for half term and hope to review it soon! It was lovely to see him again.

Benji Davies' new book, The Storm Whale in Winter, is every bit as special as his other books. He very kindly drew a little sketch for me - and one for Torie- thank you very much!

Our final treat of the day was meeting Jonny Lambert. Little Why is a gorgeous picture book which could easily be used in school in many ways. I look frward to reviewing this soon!

Cheltenham is an amazing festival and the programme this year has been so good! Tomorrow, Torie and I are off to Totnes for a festival there, but we'll be back at Cheltenham next year!