She loved us more than the stars love the moon...

When we were little we were sort of afraid of our grandmother, Ammuchi...

Ammuchi is a big part of Aditya and Anjali's lives. She combs Anjali's hair and puts flowers in it; she laughs a lot; she tells them scary stories.

When she dies, the children are devastated. Things are just not the same without their grandmother...then, one day, a butterfly appears-big and beautiful, just like the brooch Ammuchi had given Anjali for her birthday- and the children learnt not to miss their grandmother so much.

Stunning, vibrant illustrations bring this book to life. The reader shares the emotional path the family follow as they experience the loss of a much loved old lady- and the author allows us to see that people handle grief in different ways. Having found their Ammuchi Puchi- the insect who is their grandmother- the children maintain their closeness with her and their memories of her. Their parents struggle to understand the children grieving in this way- until the story's conclusion.

Not only is this a poignant story, handling the issue of bereavement with tact and understanding, it also shows children that grief is a universal emotion, shared by all cultures and peoples.

Simply beautiful!

The Ammuchi Puchi

Sharanya Manivannan, illustrated by Nerina Canzi

Lantana Publishing   ISBN: 978-1911373025