An Animal ABC

A simply stunning book, An Animal ABC is just what it says- but in a class of its own!

Each double spread depicts an animal, their Latin name and a snippet of information. However, whereas your normal ABC might include C for cat and M for monkey, the animals in this one are diverse and unusual. U is for Uakari, O is for Okapi and D is for Dove are just a few of the treats in store! The vocabulary is chosen really carefully and the facts are original - I learnt so much! Did you know there are no vipers in Australia? Or that sloths move so slowly algae and fungi are able to grow on their fur?

The pictures are gorgeous. Each image is originally screen printed in unusual and eye-catching colours and the luxurious feel of the thick, quality paper adds to the pleasure of the read, making this book a real treasure.

Perfect for sharing at home or adding to the school library, An Animal ABC would also make an excellent starting point for lots of work in class. Looking at adaptation, evolution and classification systems in science, screen printing and/or working with colour in art and lots of writing could all stem from this text. And did I mention that it's beautiful?

An Animal ABC by  Alice Pattullo

Pavilion      ISBN: 978-1843653134