Who needs email when you can have Snail Mail?

Meet Sam, the Seashell Snail and his family! When Sam's big brother, Tiger, sets off on an adventure around the world, he promises to send Sam regular 'snail mail' about his adventures.

What follows is a series of postcards in their own envelopes telling Sam all about the places Tiger is visiting. The maps on each end paper allow the reader to follow Tiger's travels around the world and we learn how to say 'hello' on each language along the way.

Between each postcard is a glimpse of Sam's life with his family and friends. Gentle humour combines with lovely illustrations which really bring Sam and his family to life!

Although this is primarily a book to be enjoyed, there is so much potential for using it in school. It is a perfect introduction to places aound the world, some of their customs and sights. Each letter could be used as a model for children to reply to, perhaps creating a little book of their own.

The style of artwork is charming and would inspire children to make their own pictures, using collage, cut-outs and printing as well as painting and colouring. Sam and his fellow sea creatures would also make a wonderful starting point for work on a topic about the sea.

Snail Mail with Pull-Out Postcards     by Sharon King-Chai

HodderISBN: 978-1444922547