Looking for Lord Ganesh

Anika has recently moved from Mumbai which she misses so much it was like having a constant toothache. Granny's advice is to trust Lord Ganesh- to talk to him in times of need.

But Lord Ganesh seems to be busy helping others, even when Anika emails him. So what should she do?

This charming story explores how it feels to be new and want to fit in. But it also considers loyalty and sticking to one's beliefs. Anika wants to be included in the football team, but doesn't want to leave her friend, Hadiya, out. She has to work through a number of scenarios for herself before she finds the answer she was seeking...without Lord Ganesh solving her problem.

The soft illustrations allow the reader to see Anika's thoughts as well as the day to day situations she finds herself in. They also contrast the vibrant colours of India with her new life, subtly underlining the cultural differences that she is experiencing.

A lovely story about finding inner strength, Looking for Lord Ganesh also offers the perfect starting point to find out more about Lord Ganesh and other Hindu deities. 

Looking for Lord Ganesh by Mahtab Narsimhan and Sonja Wimmer

Lantana Publishing    ISBN: 978-0993225369