Little Why

When you're little, there is just SO much to see and SO much to investigate! Little Why would like to have a long-lofty leggy legs like Giraffe, spiny-spiky special horns like Wildebeest, speedy-spotty, fuzzy fur like Cheetah- but what about teeth like Crocodile?

The perfect story for curious little ones, Little Why is beautifully illustrated. Little Why himself is a very endearing character whose expressions beautifully capture that sense of excitement about finding things out. The disappointment conveyed by the drooping trunk when he is told 'No' is perfect!

The pictures also allow children to watch the adventures of a little blue bird and two cheeky insects who follow Little Why in the line of elephants.

The final message from one of the Elder elephants about being special just the way you are is the perfect ending to this lovely story.

A great choice for Christmas- or any time!

Little Why      by Jonny Lambert

Little Tiger   ISBN: 78-1848691834