On Your Bike!

Celebrity books- love them or hate them, they seem to be with us to stay! The 'Flying Fergus' books are created by the talents of Sir Chris Hoy, Joanna Nadin and Clare Elsom.

I know nothing about cycling or bikes, but fortunately live in a house with those who do so asked for some advice!

On Your Bike is a great book all about cycles and cycling, using the appealing characters from the novels to help teach the reader about riding, bikes and how to look after them. 

The book has a scrap-book feel to it, using photos, diagrams and drawings and it got a huge thumbs up from those in the know! The cyclists in my house found it really interesting and full of practical ideas and useful tips. There are also videos of Sir Chris Hoy demonstrating things available to support the book.

On Your Bike: All You Need to Know About Cycling for Kids by Sir Chris Hoy

Piccadilly Press   ISBN: 978-1471405259