Playing from the Heart

From the author of 'The Dot', Playing from the Heart is a beautiful and poignant story about the power of music and of family love.

Too small to even reach the pedals, Raj was delighted by the sounds the piano made as he plunked the keys. Hearing his early attempts, his father supports Raj, hiring a piano teacher to nuture his talent.

However, his early love of and delight in making music fades as he becomes more and more skilled. Gradually, Raj leaves his piano playing behind and moves on until his father's request makes him 'play from the heart'.

Alongside the beautiful story are equally gorgeous illustrations. The soft, muted colours and hand-written font make the book something special. Peter H Reynold's unique way of viewing things is thought provoking- notes as zoo animals peering through bars...wanting to escape say so much about the story and the characters- inspiring!

Like all books by this talented man, Playing from the Heart is one not to miss.

Playing from the Heart by Peter H Reynolds

Walker    ISBN: 978-1406368406