'A Celebration of Great Dads Everywhere!'

Master story-teller, Simon James, was one of my Hay Highlights this year and his new book, Rex, was an absolute must-have after his event!

Dinosaurs are always popular with young children. They are loud and scary with long names for learning and quoting. They also make excellent characters for a great story!

Long ago, a huge and terrifying tyrannosaurus stomped around scaring all the other dinosaurs. One night, he found a cave to sleep in which also contained an egg. And that egg contained Rex, a little dinosaur looking for a dad.

What makes an amazing dad? Being there, sharing, loving, protecting...Rex explores what being a dad really means valuing step dads, adoptive dads - all dads! The artwork supports the story beautifully, with tiny Rex's adoration and admiration for his dad shining through and the big Tyranosaurus's love for his 'son' shining right back!

A really lovely book which encourages us to look at father/child relationships can only become an essential part of the bedtime story/class read aloud range. A fabulous story for everyone!

Rex by Simon James

Walker    ISBN: 978-1406360530