Anti-Bullying Week

This is a very important week in the year, allowing a real focus on an issue schools (and society!) are constantly discussing and addressing.

This week, there will be a series of posts about books which can be used to help discuss this subject.

Today's choice- 'The Tigon and the Liger'.

Tyler the tigon is very rare and special, but the other tigers don't want anything to do with him, leaving him lonely and sad. Neither tiger like his dad, nor lion like his mum, he felt the only thing he could do was to go as far away as possible.

Lyla the liger has the same experience and so when the two meet, they can share their experiences and have someone to value and appreciate them for what they are. This lovely friendship leads to others wanting to join their games.

Told in rhyme, The Tigon and the Liger is a wonderful story about being comfortable with who you are and being happy to be different.

From the start, Tyler and Lyla's differences are seen as positives; they are rare and unique. However, the other big cats criticise their appearance and parentage, commenting on differences in the same thoughless way many children might, making it so easy to discuss and challenge these ideas.

It is through their friendship that these two special cubs learn that 'being different was special, it wasn't a flaw.' Again, the message is simple and clear- and important! The value of friendship, acceptance and understanding each other can all be discussed in the context of the cubs- and society.

The colours chosen throughout the book are lovely. Soft shades make the scenes very appealing and the different viewpoints emphasise the action taking place.

A great message shines through this story-

Love the skin you're in- there's no one like you!

A pur-fect story for this important week!

The Tigon and the Liger by Kelly Swift and Cosei Kawa

Lantana Publishing    ISBN: 978-0993225390