Brilliant Book shops- Scarthin Books

If you are near the village of Cromford in Derbyshire, you MUST visit the wonderful Scarthin Books. It's amazing!

Everywhere you look there are things to notice hidden amongst the fabulous array of books.

You need to look at the ceilings, the windows, the walls- everywhere! Even the cafe is hidden behind a curving bookcase that welcomes you inside!

The Children's Room is delightful. Crammed full of treasures, there really is something for everyone here. From the board books to teen reads, full of surprises, there was so much to enjoy in here!

Alison Uttley lived very close to the village at Castle Top Farm. The shop has a great range of her books, including her private diaries- and my favourite- A Traveller in Time.

The shop is a maze of spaces- all full of books, some new, some secondhand.At the top of the shop is the music room, selling sheet music and CDs. A violin and a guitar are on hand for anyone who wishes to try out the music before buying! Fancy a sit down? Try the Art room! In here, you can browse to your heart's content through a wealth of material.

Every nook and cranny is full- the cupboard under the stairs, the stair case... Paradise!

Perhaps not to the taste of those who are fanatically neat and tidy, this is, however, a bookshop that is worth travelling miles to visit! I shall be returning very soon. Don't hesitate- plan your trip as soon as possible!

You can find out more on their website: