Murder In Midwinter Launch at Waterstones, Bath

Last night, Waterstones in Bath opened its doors to celebrate Fleur Hitchcock's new book, 'Murder in Midwinter'.

An excellent read, 'Murder in Midwinter' is an action-packed page turner that keeps you guessing to the very end.

When Maya sees a heated argument between a couple from a bus window, she is really concerned- particularly when she realises she has been seen. When she goes to the police, Maya feels she is not taken seriously- until things take a frightening turn and Maya is sent to rural Wales for protection and into hiding.

But she is still not safe and as snow comes, cutting her off from the outside world, danger finds her.

The contrast created between Maya's life in London and Wales is excellent- a real feeling for each location is beautifully developed, adding a strong sense of realism to the story.

Maya is a great character- brave, fiesty and resourceful. Her relationship with her cousin is great- the initial tension between the two giving way to reluctant admiration and then friendship as the story makes its way to its tense conclusion.

The tension, drama and action in the story are perfectly handled, offering such a satisfying story. This is a great thriller for those looking for a challenging read.

The launch was a lovely occasion with so many friendly and welcoming people attending. Many of Fleur's fellow authors were there including Julia Green, David Almond, Maudie Smith and Marie-Louise Jensen. I was delighted to meet up with one of our short-listed authors from last year, the lovely Sharon Tregenza!

Fleur treated us to an exciting reading from the book, giving everyone a taste of what to expect! Having already read the book, I know what a treat lies in store for them!


Murder in Midwinter by Fleur Hitchcock

Nosy Crow   ISBN: 978-0857636386