Reflecting on the North Somerset Teachers’ Book Award 2016: A Guest Post by Henry

I was as excited as a pug in a park to be going to this amazing event with some awesome authors, especially as I had read some of their books. So I made sure I didn’t forget my pile of books and my iPod to take lots of pictures so I would never forget this wonderful day.

    The first author I met was one of my most favourites - Andy Seed. My mum thanks Andy for giving kids good jokes because apparently mine are terrible! The next was the fantastic illustrator of ‘Flo of the Somme’, Martin Impey. He drew me a picture of Flo in my book. He had the coolest pen I have ever seen! Then it was time to “Eat, drink and be merry!” So I ate a lot of cake. We all ate lots of cake! After eating more brownies than I’m usually allowed to eat, I mingled with lots of other authors.

    I found out these things:

  1. Everyone liked my bow tie. (“Bow ties are cool”)
  2. Authors are really friendly and like a selfie.
  3. Talking to them made me really want to read their books.

    When it came to the award ceremony, the children had the honour of announcing the winners of each category. I announced the winner of the “Read Aloud” category. I had to open a golden envelope which was just like the Oscars (not that I have ever seen the Oscars). My winner was Swapna and Sheena with Dave Pigeon, which was brilliant because my teacher is reading this to my class and it’s hysterical.

    There were lots of great things that happened at the North Somerset Teachers’ Book Award 2016. I met lots of fabulous people, ate too much cake and bought some great books that I’m going to enjoy and tell my friends about.

In five words- IT WAS BETTER THAN DISNEY! I can’t wait til NSTBA 2017!