Dave Rudden- Our Knight of the Borrowed Dark!

Having an author visit in school is a wonderful experience and today was no exception! Dave Rudden, one of our shortlisted authors for the Moving On Category, came to Bournville. 

Dave's amazing enthusiasm and energy captivated every child- and adult- in Year 6. His gentle humour and manner were an instant hit and the session passed far too quickly!

Dave started by introducing his book and explaining how ideas come from everywhere. He shared stories from his own childhood and those of his friends and explained how these things have influenced his writing. 

His constant message to the children was everyone is a writer- everybody can create stories- everybody has it in them! It was so inspiring as he gave example after example to prove his point.

And then came a reading! But it wasn't a reading- it was a performance! Dave knew the section of text off by heart and acted it, bringing it vividly to life. Everyone was completely hooked! Knights of the Borrowed Dark is a fantastic read and Dave chose the excerpt with great care. He then showed us the trailer for the book which the children loved so much they asked to see it again!

Year 6 had so many questions which they wanted to ask and Dave patiently answered everything they threw at him. He loved the variety and originality of their thinking- even the beard questions!

After play, Dave had twelve of our children for a writing workshop. He challenged them to gether ideas, to pose questions and they had so many ideas and were so keen to write- it was a joy to see!

Dave signed our copies of his book and I was delighted to see children taking them out and reading them at lunchtime. In the afternoon, some of my most reluctant writers wrote great scary stories- by choice!

It was a wonderful day- and I know the other schools Dave visited had a great time as well.  We're really hoping he will come back again and we're eagerly anticipating book two!

Thank you so much, Dave!