Anti-Bullying Week part 2!

This lovely book is our assembly story for anti-bullying week.

Tufty is not like the other ducklings, He wasn't cute or fluffy and he had a rather silly hairdo! The other animals in the farmyard laugh at Tufty, peck at him and chase him. Worse still, his brothers and sisters mock him too.

Tufty gets sadder and sadder until one day, he runs away to find somewhere he can fit in. Everyone is so worried and luckily, Sparrow finds him and brings him home...where Tufty saves the day. He is truly a 'delightfully different duckling!'

This is such a lovely story! Our children really engaged with Tufty, becoming upset on his behalf. They had all sorts of comforting things to say to him and had lots of strategies to offer. Sparrow being a true friend and sticking by Tufty gave us lots to discuss and consider. 

Mummy Duck tries to help and obviously loves her baby, but can't protect him all the time. This offered the opportunity for discussions about talking to parents about problems and how parents can help- particularly when there are problems between siblings.

We loved the fact that Tufty stood up for himself at the end and that he saved his siblings. Being 'delightfully different' is something we should all be able to be proud of and this story offers real possibilities for talking about what different means and why some people are negative to those who are different.

The illustrations are colourful and full of character! This really helps to support the story and the picture of Tufty standing up to the fox, the one of a sibling dressing up in leaves to mock Tufty and the one of poor Tufty hiding in the log are my particular favourites!

Part of a new series about 'fairy tales gone wrong'. this is a great tale to use to start discussions and could re-introduce children to the original stories.

You're Not Ugly, Duckling! by Steve Smallman and Neil Price

QED   ISBN: 978-1784935337