Anti-Bullying Week part 3!

Blue Penguin was born far away in the south. Although surrounded by other penguins, he was different. He did all the same things as the others, but still all they could see was the fact that he was different.

"But you're not like us," said the other penguins and they wandered away.

Left all alone,  Blue Penguin sees a white whale in his dreams who saves him from his loneliness. He makes up a song about the whale which he sings across the ocean...

Another penguin came to listen to his song and when they sing together, the other penguins come to listen- with the white whale, called by Blue Penguin's song. However,  Blue Penguin no longer needed whale to take him away as he now had new friends- and a new song to sing.

Beautifully told with gorgeous illustrations, this is a special story about belonging and finding that friend-in-need.

Petr Horacek's amazing artwork perfectly complements the story. Vibrant blues and greens stand out sharply against the shades of white, creating the snow and ice. There is such a textured feel to the landscape with frost patterns and snow flurries adding to the atmosphere.

This book is perfect for starting discussions about difference, how we treat others and how to create a 'song of friendship' for ourselves.

Blue Penguin by Petr Horacek

Walker Books   ISBN: 978-1406358285

You can find out more about why Petr wrote the book on his blog: