There May Be An Author... Piers Torday

We were privileged to welcome Piers Torday to our school recently. He was in the area opening a local primary school library and we felt we could not pass up the opportunity to have him come and talk to our children about writing and stories.

We filled our small hall with 360 children from two primary schools and whilst it was rather cozy, each child was totally captured by Piers and his award winning presentation style so that we probably could have sat for longer.

Pier talked about his journey to becoming an author and what had inspired him most - a personal letter from Roald Dahl containing extracts from Charlie and the Chocolate factory that never made it into his books and an unfinished story from his childhood about a doggy detective. The children learned first hand from Piers, that it’s important to have the courage to give things a try, even if they need to be corrected and changed later. Who knows, they may even become the next generation of famous award winning authors?

Piers shared details about his fabulous children’s books- ‘The Last Wild’, part of the Last Wild trilogy of books, including ‘The Dark Wild’ and ‘The Wild Beyond’, and his latest book ‘There May Be A Castle’. 

‘The Last Wild’ features the adventures of Kester, a rather special boy who has the power to save the animal world from extinction, if only he can be brave enough to take up the fight. 

‘There May Be A Castle’ is a deeply moving book about a winters journey gone wrong. A traitorous car crash on during a blizzard on Christmas Eve catapults Mouse Mallory into a magical world where his toys become his trusted companions and together they set out on a daring quest. Meanwhile Mouse’s family are in grave danger trapped in their overturned car and while Mouse finds himself battling against his deepest fears, his family are battling for their lives against the chill if the storm. They need a hero to save them!

Piers was wonderful and took the time to sign and meet every child who had bought one of his books. The children were captivated and each one left feeling very inspired both to read more and to add more creativity to their writing.