Winter Magic

Abi Elphinstones’ childhood winters were filled with wintery walks and the occasional snowball fight; the evenings were spent tucked up by the fire reading stories. These childhood memories have inspired her to collect a series of winter filled tales from some of the most talented and acclaimed children’s writers in the country, in order to create this beautiful book, ‘Winter Magic’. 

Featuring stories by Emma Carroll (Frost Hallow Hall), Amy Alward (The Potion Diaries), Michelle Harrison (The Thirteen Treasures), Geraldine McCaughrean (Peter Pan in Scarlet), Kathering Woodfine (The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow), Berlie Doherty (Street Child), Laren St John (The White Giraffe), Michelle Magorian (Goodnight Mr Tom), Jamila Gavin (Coram Boy), Piers Torday (The Last Wild) and Abi Elphinstone (The Dream Snatcher), each story will take the reader on a journey filled with winter magic facilitated by the imagination of the author.

This beautiful book will take you to the home of the elves on magical snow rides, to the ballet to see the Nutcracker Suite and to forgotten places that whose remnants lie in folk tales. Wishing books will grant you your heart's desire and a snow dragon will let you ride on his back as you travel through wintery landscapes. There are adventures and mysteries a plenty; each story will transport you to a very different winter landscape and yet you will never have to leave the comfort of your chair, wrapped up by the fire.

This is a snowflake-covered jewel of book, bringing together some of the very best of children’s writers past and present. Each short story speaks with the author's unique story-telling voice and yet they sit well side by side under the frosty umbrella term of magical winter tales.

Recommended to anyone who loves the work of each of the featured authors and who knows? You might find another favourite hiding between the pages! A must read for the winter season and a great collection for any home or primary school KS2 library.

 Winter Magic  curated by Abi Elphinstone

 Simon and Schuster   ISBN: 978-1471159800