The Elizabeth Clark Story Books

For a great lover of fairy tales and folk law, this little book was a real treat to read. Part of a series of collected folklore, The Farmer and the Fairy is a beautiful little volume-the perfect size for small hands!

The language of the books is delightful. Told with a story-teller's voice, each tale is engaging and vividly recounted and with an old-fashioned turn of phrase which gives the book a quaint, appealing feel. 

By and by the deep pool was finished...

The selection of stories is an interesting one. A mixture of folklore, legend and traditional tales, those chosen are less familiar and, as such, a joy to discover. The Tale of King Solomon and the Hoopoe, for example, is a wonderful story which the author unfolds making sure the reader experiences the settings and colours of the tale.

First of all, do you know what a Hoopoe is? ...His head and his neck are a beautiful colour, almost golden; I think they would look like old gold in the sunlight...

Throughout the book, there are colour plates and black and white illustrations by Nina K Brisley who captured the spirit of the tales perfectly. 

This book (and others in the series if they are of the same standard!) could be used to great advantage in class. First published in 1936, the style of grammar and punctuation used would make a fascinating study and comparison for children tuned to language with a modern ear. A great way to approach SPaG lessons! The structure and tone of the stories would also be worth looking at and discussing. 

But, above all, this is a book for reading aloud- for sharing and enjoying! I must get the rest of the set!

The Elizabeth Clark Story Books: IV The Farmer and the Fairy and other stories.

by Elizabeth Clark, illustrated by Nina K Brisley

Pikku Publishing   ISBN: 978-0993488429