Jake Atlas and the Tomb of the Emerald Snake

Jake Atlas attracts trouble. He doesn't mean to, but something inside him seeks the thrill of adventure. It seems as if his antics are pulling his family apart-his twin sister, Pan, is hiding her intelligence behind black eye make up and hair dye; his mother has built a wall 'to keep fun out' and his dad- well, his dad is a lecturer in Egyptology. And now they're all off on holiday to Egypt.

Things don't start too well, but quickly get worse as once in Egypt, his parents disappear, leaving Jake and Pan to fend for themselves. What follows is the adventure of a lifetime!


Talk about a page turner! This book is action-packed, fast and furious. Jake finds treasure hunting is in his blood and the twin's quest to save their parents finds them chasing across Egypt persued by the evil snake lady and her mercenaries.


Jake's quick thinking in tricky situations gets them out of many tight spots whilst Pan's intelligence and photographic memory helps solve the clues along the way. The twins end up working together, making a great team, as they come to understand one another.

Without wishing to spoil the ending of the story, it is obvious that there are more adventures for Jake and the Atlas family to come and this is series which will excite and engage all those looking for great adventure with both history and technology covered! The story offers plenty to learn about Ancient Egypt whilst dealing in gadgets James Bond would have been proud to own!

Gripping plot, strong characters- the good, the bad and those we are not sure of- and plenty of humour combine to make this a satisfying and engaging read.

Jake Atlas and the Tomb of the Emerald Snake by Robert Lloyd Jones

Walker Books   ISBN: 978-1406361445