Looking forward to next year!

As I was leaving school today, a colleague commented on the fact that it has been two weeks since the North Somerset Teachers' Book Awards. 

'It was such a lovely day- I can't wait for next year!'

Next year?! I'm still recovering from this year! However, we have had so many kind words and compliments about our ceremony that we have already been discussing our third awards!

So, with that in mind, here are a few comments from this year's amazing short-listed authors:

As a junior school headteacher, (my husband) was so impressed by everyone's enthusiasm for stories… He said he would have been thrilled to have such enthusiastic teachers on his staff! So thank you so much for all you do to seek out good stories and find readers for them! It is such a valuable and important thing to do and you should all be so proud of what you have achieved!

...and thank you for such a lovely afternoon and also all the hard work you all put in to promoting reading to children, which is such a precious gift.

I'm still floating on cloud nine here! It was wonderful to spend the afternoon with so many people who so passionate about children's books. And the cakes were to die for.

It's hugely admirable work you do, promoting reading to children. I'm absolutely delighted to have been made part of it.

Just a quick note to thank you and your team for all that sterling work on the awards. To make it all seem so effortless actually takes, I know, a tremendous amount of planning and paddling underwater. And the venue looked so lovely and welcoming – and what can one say about the cakes??! 

We have already started making a note of books which we are enjoying at the moment and we think might be contenders for our longlist next year. So here is a reminder...

Our categories are: Poetry, Picture Book, Information, Read Aloud, Quality Fiction and Moving On.

We are open to suggestions from anyone and everyone, but are completely governed by what we think offers the quality and enjoyment children and teachers deserve in the classroom.

Voting for the shortlisted books is open to teachers, teacher assistants, librarians- those who work to promote books and reading in schools!

So- get reading everyone! Let's work together to discover all those treasures waiting for next year's awards!