Hello World!

This is a wonderful book! Perfect for exploring the world and the languages spoken around it, it is both beautiful and fascinating.

In the foreword to Hello Atlas, it tells us that there are more than 7000 languages spoken around the world. This amazed the children who were looking at it – they could only manage 20, including English, American and African! Not good!

A world map at the beginning shows the continents and identifies the pages which look at the languages found there.  Each section then starts with a map of that continent dotted with little figures depicting the different languages spoken there. Similarities are constantly emphasised and the amazing diversity of our world is celebrated on every page.

The fun really began when the children started to look at the pages on which the characters introduced themselves. They sought out our multi and bi-lingual pupils to try out their new found language skills; they stopped teachers to test their knowledge- they were SO excited and engaged!

We learned so much from this lovely book- it's a must for every library and home!

Hello Atlas by Ben Handicott, illustrated by Kenard Pak

Wide Eyed Editions   ISBN:  978-1847808639