Birthdays, books and brilliant buddies!

Yesterday, members of JAB gathered for our Christmas get together and were lovely enough to celebrate that day I was trying to forget- my birthday!

Knowing me as well as they do, I was given a lovely selection of books (amongst other things- thank you for them too!). What really touched me was the care and thought that had gone into those choices!

'Are We There Yet?' is a wonderful picture book, full of imagination and humour. Anyone with children-their own or a class full of other people's- will be familiar with those four little words, but this book reminds us that time can fly too quickly and advises us to 'take a second to savour the moment you're in...' Sound advice for a birthday girl!

'Penguin Problems' is another of the gems in my parcel. Beautifully illustrated, bursting with humour, this story is a wonderful reminder that everyone has problems, but maybe they're not quite as bad as they first seem. This will become a firm favourite for me to share with my class when they are in 'that' sort of a mood- or as a quick personal treat after a hard day! Fabulous stuff! I just LOVE those penguins!

Being a complete note book addict ( to add to all my other compulsions!), I was delighted to find a couple of beautiful lined journals in the bundlle. If only I had handwriting worthy of using them...

Poetry is something which I absolutely love and 'A Poem for Every Night of the Year' is a complete joy! Beautiful to look at, satisifyingly heavy to hold, this is an amazing collection of 366 poems, each linked to the date it appears on. Modern and traditional works sit alongside each other in perfect harmony. This is a book which needs a post all of its own!

Last, but by no means least, is A F Harrold's new book, 'The Song from Somewhere Else'. Illustrated by Levi Pinfold, this is another beautiful book which I am sure is more than just a 'pretty cover'! I look forward to reading and reviewing this one soon!

Thank you SO much to my wonderful JAB book buddies- you are the best people! xx