Christmas wishes...

'The Winter Fox' is a lovely story about friendship. Fox plays all through the summer and all through the autumn. One by one, his friends try to tell him that he needs to prepare for winter, but Fox is having too much fun.

When winter comes, Fox is cold, alone and hungry, wishing he'd listened to his friends. As he wishes upon a star, something magical happens...

This sweet story about friendship, caring and sharing is perfect for spreading the spirit of love, forgiveness and togetherness. Fox doesn't listen when his friends try to help him, but he manages to put things right and is 'never cold, or hungry, or lonely ever again.'

Each page shimmers with sparkly foil, adding a little shine of summer sunshine or the sheen of a winter frost to the illustrations. Just right for this time of year!

The Winter Fox     by Timothy Knapman, illustrated by Rebecca Harry

Nosy Crow      ISBN: 978-0857633965

Clara, the fairy, reminds me of someone...She can't sit still, she's always giggling, singing and dancing when she should be sitting ot standing quietly. She'll NEVER be a proper Christmas fairy and, sadly, wishes she wasn't that way.  However, when Father Christmas appears, he tells her,

We need a special fairy who is full of life and fun,

Who dances, sings and laughs and jokes and cheers up everyone.

Written by Anne Booth, author of the wonderful, Refuge (review here), 'The Christmas Fairy' is about Clara, the perfect fairy for the job of saving the Christmas Show from disaster, making this a lovely tale about valuing everyone for their own uniqueness and talents. Although I would be very sad to think that any teacher would solely value the skills of standing quietly, not laughing and so on, the sentiment of the story is great.

Lovely illustrations mean Clara is beautifully brought to life with her emotions clear for all to see. The story is told in lively rhyme, making it a good read aloud and share story for Christmas bedtimes!

The Christmas Fairyby Anne Booth, illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw

Nosy Crow    ISBN: 978-0857634115