JAB- favourite books of 2016! (part 3)

Today's choices come from JAB members whose favourite books of the year were chosen for the NSTBA 2016- so none of us will argue with these!


My favourite book, 'Island' by Nicky Singer has a fantastic review on the website in the Moving On Category (see here). In fact, it was the winner this year and I couldn’t have been more delighted.

 It’s a book full of fabulous language, told with a lyrical voice that begs to be read as an audio book. I sincerely hope that this happens as the Inuit words sound wonderful (I managed to listen to a few online) but not quite so good when I tried to read them aloud myself!

An understated, quiet book with an important message but one that is not forced on the reader but allowed to develop through the wonderful characters and setting. A book that I will give as a present time and time again with the hope that all who receive it enjoy and treasure it as much as I do.

It’s almost inconceivable to think that this book wouldn’t have been published without crowd-funding and the support of many who are rightly credited at the end of the book in the 'Director’s Cut'. Not only is it an amazing story but the illustrations marry with the text beautifully thanks to the superb artistry of Chris Riddell.

It’s not too late to buy a copy and give as a Christmas gift or keep yourself- go on, you know you want to! It may leave you feeling ‘Nuannapoq’-it did me.

Chris: (a man of few words!)

Knights of the Borrowed Dark was my favourite and not just because of the car!  It was a  page-turner, rip-roaring adventure! (For review, see here)