The Christmas Eve Tree


Author: Delia Huddy

Illustrator: Emily Sutton

ISBN: 978-1406356496

In a forest of Christmas trees, there is one little tree that had no chance to grow big and strong amongst its neighbours.  Accidentally dug up by foresters, it finds itself amidst some truly magnificent trees taken to the city to be sold, admired and decorated for the Christmas season. Finally discarded on Christmas Eve, the little tree worries what its fate might be.

A young boy sees the value in the stunted tree, plants it and takes care of it. He places it beside his cardboard box home on the pavement and feels cheered by its company. A small box of candles is purchased to adorn the tree’s branches and soon the pretty little tree becomes the centrepiece for a gathering crowd, of not only the homeless, but sightseers, commuters and passersby.

The tree, bursting with pride, stands a little taller, becoming a beacon of hope for his young owner. That night, the magic of Christmas Eve was felt all the more strongly throughout the city streets. However, a few days later, the little tree is once again discarded and placed in a sweeper’s barrow. Seeing potential in a few remaining green shoots, the road sweeper plants the tree in the corner of the park. 

For years the tree thrived in its new home, growing cheerful and stout, if not big and strong. Proving that no matter the adversity, against all odds, some things will grow.

A beautiful story to share throughout Christmas time with a message that is not constrained to the holiday season.