Duck Gets a Job

CV      Name: Duck

Skills: Quacking, drawing, being waterproof

Meet Duck. All his friends work in the city and never stop going on about it so Duck decides he should too. Although very nervous, Duck gets a job, but soon realises that it's not what he wants from life after all...

Duck is a wonderful character! He is brave and determined, making his way through the unfamiliar city, overcoming nerves at his interview and ultimately, acknowledging his mistake and making a fresh start. Messages of perseverance and striving for what you really want are essential!

Having a job you enjoy is important and these days, children are pushed into making choices about future careers so early with exam choices, making this is a much needed book to provoke discussions about decisions and being flexible. Perhaps there are many adults who would benefit from reading it too!

The illustrations are quite charming and Duck's eyebrow is so expressive! The muted colours chosen make this book stand out from the crowd.  'Duck Gets A Job' is written and illustrated by Sonny Ross and this is his first book. I am sure there will be many more- I hope involving Duck!

Sometimes you just have to be really brave, and follow your dreams.

Good advice!

Duck Gets a Job written and illustrated by Sonny Ross

Templar    ISBN: 978-1783705771