Maybe a Fox

Siblings Sylvie and Jules are both dealing with the death of their mother in their own ways. Sylive runs, always wanting-needing- to be faster whilst Jules orders and organises her collection of rocks.

Further tragedy strikes when Sylvie rushes to throw a wish rock into the Slip- a dangerous spot on the river which is linked to a local legend- and falls to her death. Meanwhile, Elk, their best friend's brother, mourns the loss of Zeke, his friend who did not return from Afghanistan, turning to the woods he knows and loves for solace.

A female fox cub is born with a special link to Jules and what unfolds is a beautifully crafted story which links the mystical and real worlds, exploring grief and how people cope with loss. Both the animal and human worlds are evocatively drawn, each voice engaging the reader.

'Maybe a Fox' offers something different- and challenging. The different layers and elements of the story combine and overlap beautifully, offering a very satisfying and emotional read.

Maybe A Fox by Kathi Appelt and Alison McGhee

Walker Books     ISBN: 978-1442482425