Who Let the Gods Out?

Virgo is slightly bored with her perfect life in Elysium so when the opportunity comes to go on a mission to Earth, she jumps at the chance. All she has to do is deliver something to Prisoner 42- how hard can it be?

Elliot is struggling at school and at home. His mum is ill and his home is under threat of being repossessed. And then, something crashes through the roof of his cowshed.

The 'thing' crashing through his roof is Virgo and an uneasy partnership forms between them. However, when they let Prisoner 42- also known as Thanatos, a wicked death demon- out of his prison, they need help from the Gods to sort things out. What follows is a wild and wacky adventure- but will it help Elliot sort out his problems too?

Lovers of Greek mythology will find much to chortle at in this adventure, but there are jokes for those without history knowledge too. We first meet Zeus, for example, at his wedding which is not set to go well when a second bride appears! The book abounds with humorous details like Aphrodite running her dating agency and the plot moves with great pace. The Greek Gods always were naughty and badly behaved and 'Who Let the Gods Out?' brings them right up to date whilst maintaining their quirks and foibles!

Elliot is a very appealing character. He is cheeky, but loveable and his desire to protect and care for his mother is touching. Being a young carer is something faced by many children today and Elliot's home situation will resonate with them.

'Who Let the Gods Out?' is a great fun read which will appeal to anyone fond of laughing out loud!