Annabel is dead- but she hasn't completely gone away. In order to achieve her wish, she has to complete her first assignment as helper to an old classmate, Julia, who is fat. But who ends up helping who and why is nothing as simple as it seems?

Claire Hennessy's writing is painfully honest and direct, tackling serious problems facing many with a complete lack of preaching or moralising.

This is primarily an excellent story. Well written and humorous, it is a clever and refreshing look at that nasty little voice inside all of us that tells us we are not good enough in some way- whether that we're not thin enough, not clever enough, not attractive enough...

As well as linking eating disorders -Julia's use of food for comfort as well as Annabel's anorexia- to mental health, Claire Hennessy cleverly exploresrelationships and the impact on those around someone with these 'issues'. Annabel's warped view of life and others is used with great skill, provoking a reaction from the reader whilst offering a glimpse into the complexities of her mindset.

Nothing Tastes As Good also considers the vulnerability of teenagers caught in that potentially painful in-between place where they are still at school and treated like children in some ways, yet perceive themselves as adults. Manipulated by someone older, Julia lives with feelings of guilt, stupidity and inadequacy which make her susceptible to Annabel's logic.

This is a powerful story which will resonate with many.


Nothing Tastes As Goodby Claire Hennessy

Hot Key Books   ISBN: 978-1471405747