Because we're special...

Esther is one of the Special Ones. She lives on a farm with Felicity and Harry under his protection. The fourth Special One, Lucille, is being renewed; when she returns, she won't be quite the same. She'll be 'forgetful' and confused,

The Special Ones live a tightly controlled existence, subject to sharings and judgements by him, their lives being broadcast to their followers on the outside and a million and one rules. Esther knows she will be renewed if she ceases to be special, yet she also knows she is living a lie.

Having read 'Shift', Em Bailey's first book, I had high expectations of this one- and I was not disappointed! This was a 'read in one sitting' book which made you desperate to find out what was going to happen- and ask yourself how you would behave in that situation.

Esther is a complex character and it is through her eyes that we witness life at the farm. She tries to support the others whilst maintaining the role of Esther- the character she has learned to become by reading her Remembering Book. Esther's growing feelings for Harry are not allowed- touching is not allowed, eye contact for more than a few seconds is not allowed- but her need for him is clear and leads her to a realisation which changes everything.

As the book reaches its conclusion, the complicated nature of relationships, feelings and understanding others' actions are explored as 'Esther' and 'Harry' find out more about their roles in the house and in 'his' game.

'Him'- the shadowy figure manipulating the Special Ones, playing his sinister games- is the most intriguing character in this tale and as the plot unfolds, we gain a clearer understanding of his motivation and how he hatched his bizarre and evil plans and created his 'cult'.

A great read for the teenagers in your life! I can't wait to see what Em Bailey comes up with next!

The Special Ones by Em Bailey

Electric Monkeys       ISBN: 978-1405275910