How do you follow One Hundred Bones?

...with One Hundred Sausages! What else?!

Scruff and his pals are back in a new adventure- this time involving sausages!
 A robbery at 'The Saucy Sausage' leaves Scruff as the number one suspect and in need of clearing his name. Fortunately, his superior sniffing and digging skills save the day and put the real culprit behind bars.

Like 'One Hundred Bones', One Hundred Sausages is rich in humour and illustration.  With a cat, friendly birds, wanted posters for sausage snaffling and the anitics of the canine chums, there is so much to look at and discuss in each picture. There is a touch of 'The Little Red Hen' to this tale as well as the dogs all have excuses until they know sausages are involved!

So what will the next adventure for Scruff and the gang be? One Hundred Biscuits? One Hundred Cats? One Hundred Baskets? Whatever it is, it's sure to be another triumph!

One Hundred Sausages   by Yuval Zommer

Templar Publishing     ISBN: 978-1783705764